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Jerrycan activated carbon filters 5 pack


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LIFESAVER activated carbon filters are made of high specification activated carbon block that reduce a broad spectrum of chemical residues including pesticides, endocrine, disrupting compounds, medical residues and heavy metals such as lead and copper. They also eliminate bad tastes and odours from contaminates such as chlorine and sulphur.

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Easy to fit and use, the activated carbon filter is an optional item for use with the LIFESAVER jerrycan, which adds another layer of protection, however is not required in order for LIFESAVER's ultra-filtration cartridge to operate. The activated carbons filters are suitable for use with the LIFESAVER 10000UF and 20000UF jerrycan.

Each activated carbon filter will process 500 litres of water.

If the LIFESAVER jerrycan is used to process 3 litres of water a day, each activated carbon filter will last approximately 6 months before a replacement is required.

LIFESAVER foil wrapped activated carbon filters

The activated carbon filters are preserved and hermetically sealed in military grade foil packaging allowing them to be stored for up to ten years. The extended shelf life is due to the use of military grade barrier foil, with has the lowest moisture vapour transition rate available. On opening of the packaging, the carbon filters can be left stored for a further 3 years if sealed in the zip lock foil bag they are supplied in. In total, providing a 13 year shelf life. If left unsealed, the activated carbon filters can be stored for up to 2 months before expiry.

Why use an activated carbon filter?

Improves water turdibity
Improves the taste of water
5 activated carbon filters will process 2500 litres of water
Store for up to 13 years before use

LIFESAVER complies with International Drinking Water Regulations

LIFESAVER systems ltd complies with all British, US and European drinking water regulations for microbiological reduction as tested and certified by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Product includes

5 x LIFESAVER bottle activated carbon filters (will process 2500 litres of water, which will last approximately 2 years and 3 months)