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Doulton Water Filters

Doulton Ultracarb 10inch

The Doulton  Ultracarb has been made of ceramic with an incorporation of silver locked within the ceramic structure. It has an inner core of activated carbon and contains media to filter heavy metals such as lead. The filters are 100 % natural and do not add any substances to the water.

Doulton Filtadapt water filter

The Doulton Filtadapt is a water filter system with a 360 degree swivel spout. The filtadapt requires minimal space on your counter top.  The water filter is connected to your kitchen faucet via a diverter valve. The Filtadapt accepts 10" Doulton ceramic filter candles.

Doulton Fluoride Cartridge

Reduce unwanted naturally occurring and added fluoride to safe levels in your mains supplied drinking water by using the Doulton Fluoride reduction cartridge in the first chamber of the DUO of HCPS drinking water filter.

Doulton shower head with filter

The Doulton Filtered Shower Head is a powerful, dual-filtration system  available in black or white matt finish. Used to significantly reduce unwanted chlorine and sediment from your shower water.

Doulton Rio 2000 Big Blue Whole House Water Filter System

The Doulton RIO 2000 water filter system treats the water supply for your entire house. The RIO 2000 is fit with six ceramic sterasyl filter elements that filter out bacteria, cysts and other pathogens from your drinking water. Also, sand and rust particles that have fallen into your drinking water are removed.

Doulton Cleansoft Cartridge

Protect against the damaging effects of hard water by using the Doulton CleanSoft limescale reduction cartridge in the first chamber of the DUO drinking water filter. This will reduce temporary hardness in drinking water, reduce limescale build up in kettles and prevent an unpleasant film forming on the surface of tea.

Doulton Ecofast Push-Fit

The Doulton EcoFast filter housing has a smart design with integrated mounting bracket and 3/8"push-fit connectors. Changing your ceramic filter is made easy: a quarter turn of the housing body automatically shuts off the water supply. You can then change your Doulton® water filter element without any tools required.

Doulton Biotect Ultra SI Filter element

The Doulton Biotect Ultra SI filter element reduces limescale, chlorine, bacteria and heavy metals such as lead in your drinking water. With this ceramic filter candle, you can enjoy safe, clean, soft drinking water straight from your tap. The Biotect Ultra SI water filter candle is designed for use in the undersink- and countertop drinking water filters...

Doulton HIS Push-fit undersink water filter

Doulton HIS Push-fit undersink water filter is made from polished stainless steel with a chrome plated brass head. the attractive, robust, and easy to use HIS unit is designed to be fitted to the cold water pipe underneath the kitchen counter.

Doulton Triple Undersink Water Filter System

The Doulton Triple in-line filter system installs easily under the sink to provide the ultimate in water filtration. The HIP Triple incorporates three pods, which can be fitted with a combination of water treatment cartridges and cleanable ceramic filters to treat a wider range of water conditions.

Doulton HCS

The HCS is a quality Stainless Steel housing extremely easy to install and uninstall, making it portable and, therefore, the ideal solution for people who move house on a regular basis. The Doulton HCS is very simple to install.  It fits to most common threaded mixer taps via a diverter valve.

Doulton HCP

Start benefiting from clean, healthy, great-tasting water straight-away with the easy to install HCP Counter-Top Water Filter.

Doulton Ultracarb SI 10inch

The Doulton Ultracarb SI water filter removes limescale, chlorine, bacteria and heavy metals such as lead from your drinking water. With this ceramic filter candle, you can enjoy safe, clean, soft drinking water straight from your tap.

Doulton HIP

The Doulton HIP waterfilter made from food grade plastic, is a cost-effective and easy to use filter unit. It can be used to provide filtered drinking water via a separate faucet.

Doulton Ultra Fluoride filter (2 pcs)

Doulton® has introduced a high capacity ceramic filter candle that removes naturally occurring and added fluoride from drinking water, into its range of drinking water filtration solutions. Only suitable for gravity filters like the British Berkefeld SS Gravity.
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