British Berkefeld HFK Gravity filter
British Berkefeld HFK Gravity filter

British Berkefeld HFK Gravity filter

The British Berkefeld HFK gravity waterfilter is an affordable light weight drinking water filter that provides you with safe drinking water at all times. You can use it at home, while camping or in case of an emergency. The filter requires no electricity or water mains. The water flows to the bottom by gravity, where you can tap it.

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The filter is available with 2 filter candles of the gradation Ultra Sterasyl. This waterfilter can purify approximately 20 liters per candle per day, total good for 80 liters of drinking water per day.

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UltraSterasyl™                        1.500 litres (max 6 month)
Number of filters:                   2 UltraSterasyl™ filterelements
Filter Candle Type:                 7" long x 2 " in diameter (254 x 49mm) long thread and wing nut

Product Details

Operating mode
Housing material
Foodgrade polypropylene, free of PET and BPA
Weight (kg)
Width (cm)
28 x 34
Height (cm)
Storage capacity for filtered water (liter)
Included filter elements
Maximum installable filter elements
Filtration speed with 2 filter elements (liters/hour)
Filter replacement after (months)
Filter replacement after (liters/element)
Bacteria / Cysts / Algae
Heavy metals / Lead
Micro Plastics
Pharmaceutical drugs
Sand / Sediment
Additional notice
Filter performance depends on the type of filter elements that you choose. Check the filter performance table for a detailed overview.

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