ATC Super Sterasyl Filter Elements (2pcs)
ATC Super Sterasyl Filter Elements (2pcs)

UltraSterasyl (ATC) Filter Elements (2pcs)

The ATC / Ultra Sterasyl silver impregnated ceramic filter elements with activated carbon have been especially developed for the British Berkefeld SS, Doulton HCA2 and British Berkefeld LP2 gravity water filter, and are the best available filters at this moment. These "candles" (= filters) are each good for about 1.500 liters of clean drinking water before replacing.     

W9121215 / W9121226
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The ATC Super Sterasyl candles filters like the Super Sterasyl chlorine and pathogenic organisms out of your drinking water but also heavy metals such as lead. These ceramic filters are manufactured to BS EN ISO 9002: 1994 quality standards. This ensures that they meet the most stringent international testing standards.

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Quantity:                                             2 Pieces
1 ATCSuperSterasyl™ candle:      1.500 litres (max 6 month)
Material:                                             Silver impregnated ceramic with granular activated carbon and heavy-metal-removal media


Product Details

Operating mode
Weight (kg)
Height (cm)
Filtration speed with 2 filter elements (liters/hour)
Filter replacement after (months)
Filter replacement after (liters/element)
Bacteria / Cysts / Algae
Heavy metals / Lead
Micro Plastics
Pharmaceutical drugs
Sand / Sediment
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