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Doulton Ultra Fluoride filter (2pcs)

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Doulton® has introduced a high capacity ceramic filter candle that removes naturally occurring and added fluoride from drinking water, into its range of drinking water filtration solutions. 

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Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in our water sources in varying amounts depending on where you are situated. In some areas local water authorities add fluoride to the water supply to achieve an agreed standard level, for example in the UK the current standard for Fluoride is 1.5mg/l.

Consuming water which contains the standard level of Fluoride is known to prevent oral health conditions such as tooth decay. However, this can also have negative health implications such as fluorosis. Compatible with the existing range of Doulton® SS Gravity Filter Systems, the Ultra Fluoride filter provides a high flow solution for the removal of fluoride for those who desire it.

About the Doulton Ultra Fluoride ceramic filter:

The Ultra Fluoride water filter provides you with the option to remove both naturally-occurring and added fluoride from your drinking water.

• Sterasyl® microfilter plus Fluoride and Lead Removal Media with Activated Carbon
• Provides superior reduction of: Fluoride, Bacteria, Cysts, Particles, Chlorine, Organics and Lead.
• Filter capacity is 1500 litres (400 US gallons) - before replacement to guarantee performance

Technical Specification:

-Ultra Fluoride Filter Recommended Flow Rate 1.2 l/hr under gravity
-Water Supply Municipal
-Temperature 5 - 30 (ºC)