Doulton Ultracarb SI 10inch
Doulton Ultracarb SI 10inch

Doulton Ultracarb SI 10inch

The Doulton Ultracarb SI water filter removes limescale, chlorine, bacteria and heavy metals such as lead from your drinking water. With this ceramic filter candle, you can enjoy safe, clean, soft drinking water straight from your tap.


The Ultracarb SI filter provides multi-stage filtration with just one filter element. You will have the advantage of a compact filter housing and you will only need to replace only one filter element.

This candle is good for about 2.300 litres of clean drinking water(equals appr. 6 month), before replacing.

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The UltracarbSI™ can be used in combination with the following water filter housings:

 - Doulton HIP™

 - Doulton HCS™

 - Doulton HIS™

 - Doulton DUO™

 - Doulton HCP™

 - Doulton HCPS™

Product Details

Operating mode
Pressurized mains
Weight (kg)
Height (cm)
Filtration speed (liters/minute)
Filter replacement after (months)
Filter replacement after (liters/element)
Bacteria / Cysts / Algae
Heavy metals / Lead
Micro Plastics
Pharmaceutical drugs
Sand / Sediment
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