Doulton Rio 2000 Big Blue Whole House Water Filter System
Doulton Rio 2000 Big Blue Whole House Water Filter System

Doulton Rio 2000 Big Blue Whole House Water Filter System

The Doulton RIO 2000 water filter system treats the water supply for your entire house. The RIO 2000 is fit with six ceramic sterasyl filter elements that filter out bacteria, cysts and other pathogens from your drinking water. Also, sand and rust particles that have fallen into your drinking water are removed.


The Doulton RIO 2000 is a large-size filter module for use in places where the best quality of drinking water is needed. Due to the 0.9 micron filtration the Doulton Rio 2000 is also suitable for private water supply source which is microbiologically contaminated.

The Doulton RIO 2000 consists of six ceramic filter elements installed in a Big Blue filter housing. Often these filters are deployed as part of a whole-house filter. It is a good alternative to UV water treatment systems because the Doulton Rio 2000 does not require electricity.

The Sterasyl ceramic filters are impregnated with silver in order to prevent bacterial growth. The filter elements can be cleaned with a brush or scouring pad in order to re-establish the flow rate.

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Filters:                                                  6 Doulton sterasyl ceramic filter elements
Maximum flowrate:                             33 liters per minute



Product Details

Operating mode
Whole house filter (pressurized mains)
Housing material
Foodgrade polypropylene, free of PET and BPA
Width (cm)
19 x 34
Included filter elements
6 Sterasyl Filter Elements
Filtration speed (liters/minute)
Filter replacement after (months)
Filter replacement after (liters/element)
Bacteria / Cysts / Algae
Sand / Sediment

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