Doulton Duo
Doulton Duo

Doulton Duo

The Doulton DUO is a two stage water filter system. Stage 1 gives the flexibility for you to customise the system to your requirements, with a pre-filter cartridge, a fluoride cartridge or a Cleansoft limescale reduction cartridge. Stage 2 houses a ceramic filter candle.

Available filter elements
  • Pre-Filter + Ultracarb™
  • Fluoride filter + Ultracarb™
  • Kalk filter + Ultracarb™
W9380030 / W9380010
Product available with different options
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As standard the DUO takes filter candles which are 10 inches long, 2 inches in diameter, with a short mount. Both inlet and outlet are 3/8 inch push fit connections suitable for 3/8 flexible plastic pipe. A DIY kit is available with the DUO filter to enable easy fitting via a line piercing valve to 15mm copper pipes without the services of a plumber*. The DIY kit also provides all the fittings needed to install the separate drinking water faucet.

-Reduce unwanted naturally occurring and added fluoride in your mains supply drinking water by using the Doulton Fluoride reduction cartridge in the first chamber of the DUO drinking water filter.

-Protect against the damaging effects of hard water by using the Doulton CleanSoft limescale reduction cartridge in the first chamber of the Doulton DUO drinking water filter.  This will reduce temporary hardness in drinking water.

For the second chamber you can choose between a ceramic Supercarb or Ultracarb water filter element.

* Price excl. DIY Kit

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Expected lifespan Doulton Fluor cartridge™:         3 months
Expected lifespan Doulton Fluor cartridge™:         3 months
Expected lifespan Ultracarb™:                                  2.300 litres or 6 months


Product Details

Operating mode
Pressurized mains
Housing material
Foodgrade polypropylene, free of PET and BPA
Weight (kg)
Width (cm)
Height (cm)
Filtration speed (liters/minute)
Filter replacement after (months)
Filter replacement after (liters/element)
Bacteria / Cysts / Algae
Heavy metals / Lead
Micro Plastics
Pharmaceutical drugs
Sand / Sediment
Additional notice
Filter performance depends on the type of filter elements that you choose. Check the filter performance table for a detailed overview.

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