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British Berkefeld HBA MKII


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The British Berkefeld  HBA MKII is wall mounted and is made of food grade acetal and polyester.

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The filter can be mounted in your Jeep, boat or camper. With a 12 or 24 volt water pump you can attach the filter to a storage battery. The HBA MKII is fitted with one Ultracarb™ filter candle. The Doulton  Ultracarb water filter candle reduces bacteria and parasites (>99,9%), and can filter 2300 liter water before replacement is required.

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Housing material:                                Food grade polyester and acetal
Dimensions H x W x Ø:                      295 x 120 x 50mm
Expected lifespan Ultracarb™:         2.300 litres or 6 month
Number of filters:                                 1 Doulton  Ultracarb™